Winter on the Farms & 2014 Updates

Last week I made the white-knuckle trip on the roller-coaster, icy country roads to the farms. When I ended up in a ditch, I learned firsthand about the incredible power of a team of horses!  I was glad to enjoy a cup of soup in the kitchen by the wood stove!

Though the winter landscape is white and quiet, the farms are bustling.  It is paced preparation really, without quite the same urgency of other seasons.  A thoughtful and relaxed kind of busy.  Very pleasant.

Even in this weather, the children are walking the mile or more to the one-room schoolhouse, and lots of building is going on in the farmyards in preparation for spring.  I saw work being done on a new barn and expansion to several greenhouses- even a brand new ice house.  Blocks of ice are made from the pure stream water and then get stacked into the house which is surrounded by insulation and giant mounds of sawdust. The ice will last all summer long and, as many of you already know, they keep the CSA boxes nice and cold on the trip to the Twin Cities!

There is some trimming happening in an area of forest that needs help, invasive plants to be removed so that the mighty old-growth trees and new shoots can thrive.  One small spot is being thinned to create an improved deep forest habitat for wildlife. From this has come some logs for the new barn.

And inside, the planting schedules and field diagrams are being drawn, and there’s talk about trying some new varieties (hmmm… purple pea pods?!?).  Looking at the intense red, purple, orange colors in the seed catalogs is a wonderful contrast to the stark view out the window!

In response to last year’s survey results the 2014 CSA delivery date will be changed to Wednesday (had been Thursday).  Share prices will be the same as the last two years, and similar in format.  Watch for some exciting additions for 2014, such as a Flower Share and a Bread Share!

The Crop Share Order forms are now online, and the others will follow as quickly as I can get them posted.  Yes, spring is coming…. thanks to nature’s restful gift of winter!  Enjoy today!




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