About St. Croix Valley CSA

St. Croix Valley CSA is a cooperative of small family farms located within a quiet community near Baldwin, Wisconsin; an area of rolling pastures, organic fields, and small lakes.  They are certified organic as well as GAP certified growers.

Our CSA also includes a “sister” community of farms in SW Wisconsin who provide extended season and wild-crafted produce offerings to members.

These lifelong farmers have longstanding and diverse produce growing experience, and years of CSA farming experience as well.  They will be farmers for generations to come.  St. Croix Valley Produce is one of the largest suppliers of local organic produce to Twin Cities’ co-ops, grocers, and restaurants.

Their heritage practices are pure, simple, low-waste, low-tech, and low-energy.  Hydro, wind, and solar power are used.  Year round “refrigeration” comes from ice that is cut from farm ponds in winter, and stored in insulated ice houses.  Seeds have been saved and passed down for many generations, offering CSA members access to many heirloom varieties, some of which are now available only from within the community.

Majestic horses plow the fields, and neighborliness is a priority.  No GMO’s, chemicals, pesticides, or hormones, no pollution- rarely even the sound of a motor.

Making a living on the land, farming in harmony with nature, and working together daily as a family are all values that are cherished by the community. They consider it a privilege to work collectively for the good of each other, and as stewards of the land that they intend to pass along to their children.

Animals are pasture-raised and humanely treated, surrounding woodlands and wetlands are protected. It is farming done the old-fashioned way, with steadfast conviction and affection.

The St. Croix Valley CSA experience offers a calming step back in time, a glimpse of a gentle, rural lifestyle, and the purest local food possible. Members of the CSA can expect a connection with a mindful community who will bring you beautiful, real food from the harvest of their field’s bounty, and the best their hands and hearts can offer.