Spring is coming!?!

A few days ago, I received a letter from the farm.  Seems a chickadee was heard singing it’s “Spring Is Coming” song.  I cast my vote to embrace this harbinger of good news -just as they do on the farms!  Though it may be awhile, nature is assuring us, it is coming!

The newly expanded greenhouses have been completed, and the big wood stoves are fired up inside, keeping the tiny seedlings cozy as they begin to sprout.  Even in this dead-of-winter weather, our CSA is a work in progress.

This latest letter told of the women shelling dry beans, quilting, embroidering, and reading. The men on the farms were spending the day out gathering wood for NEXT winter.  A full woodshed is a comfort -especially when wood is the life-giving source required for home heat and cooking (and baby plant protection in the greenhouses!).

Please note that the CSA Crop Shares are selling fast.  The Plus Shares are more than half sold out, so don’t procrastinate!

As the chickadee promises: “Spring Is Coming”!



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