January THAWts

After the frigid temperatures earlier this week, the forecast of 30 degrees seems downright balmy!

Because there is no cell phone reception in the hills and valleys surrounding Savory Spring Farms, I did not drive to meet with the farmers this week.  I have a very reliable car, but that kind of cold is way too scary!  Although I do intend to visit next week, the posting of CSA 2014 sign-up information a bit will be postponed just slightly.

I’m very anxious to go to the farms, gather by the wood stove and plan for spring.  Yes, spring WILL come!

Meantime, I’m doing my best to embrace the quiet and peace that winter brings- “when whiteness spreads, and the earth is sealed” as Sigurd Olson wrote in one of his books I’ve been re-reading recently.

I’m experimenting with lots of new recipes for the 2014 CSA, and am thankful for time to spend in the kitchen.  Hope that you are enjoying your own cozy “nesting” activities this January season!


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