Happy New Year!

Winter has definitely arrived!  Hearty northlanders that we are, we embrace this season, enjoying many invigorating outdoor activities.  But most of us also really like to take the opportunity to hibernate a little too, and catch up on some indoor activities- like getting cozy with a good book.

For farmers, the first choice for winter reading is often the seed catalogs.  Nothing sheds off the frigid-weather blues like letting your eyes feast on the wild, vivid colors of summer blooms.  Then there’s the excited anticipation of deciding to try something new- maybe a purple shelling pea or radish, a new yellow ball melon, or super sweet heirloom tomato.  Planning the crops, creating planting charts and greenhouse schedules, revisiting which seeds have fared best historically, and determining what nurturing each field will need this year are just a few of the many farm preparations of winter.  It is a special, restful season.  A quiet that is needed to prepare for the renewal of spring.

I will likely be visiting the farms the week of January 6th (depending on the weather), and will post the latest news when I return!

Membership signup for the 2014 CSA hopefully will be available mid-month.

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