urban graze believes in connecting

urban and rural good neighbors; food growers, food cookers, and food lovers -wherever they may be!  We’re gathering around the table, sharing stories, honoring and preserving old ways, embracing new ways, finding common ground, and creating community.

urban graze supports and promotes

joyfulness and artfulness in the field, garden, and kitchen, mindful eating, a healthy lifestyle, love of nature, and environmental stewardship. We foster the belief that sustainable, small family farmers have a vital and valued place in both our present and future society.

2020 will be the tenth year that Liz Talley/Urban Graze has acted as liaison and facilitator on behalf of the CSA farmers and members.  As an avid home cook and recipe developer, each week Liz also provides members with many easy, delicious recipes, meal planning ideas, and produce storage tips.

“Those who give you their food, give you their heart.”  Cesar Chavez