Connecting sustainable and organic, small family farmers who grow pure, real food and urban grazers who are hungry for it!

We’d love to have you join our CSA family!                                                                                       Spring and Summer CSA Shares are sold out, but there are several options still available for this fall! 

Twin Lakes Crop Shares, Egg Shares, and “Autumn Splendor” Pantry Shares Order Form and Information                                                                                                                                          Available: Autumn Season Produce Shares, (6 weeks from September 23 – October 28), November Storage Produce (cabbage, root vegetables, and winter squash), and Autumn Splendor Pantry Shares (gourds, pickles, decorative corn, jams).                                                                             Spring and Summer Seasons are sold out.

Twin Lakes Bulk and Fixin’s Shares Order Form and Information sold out                                     Bulk and Fixin’s Shares include: autumn soup box with veggies and dried beans, salsa box,            V-8/Bloody Mary box, spaghetti sauce box, bulk tomatoes, cukes, cabbage and special orders.  More information about each share on the order form above.

Twin Lakes Meat and Poultry Order Form                                                                                           Organically, pasture raised Pork, Chicken, Beef, Lamb, and Rabbit.

Spring Creek Produce 2015 CSA Order Form and Information                                   Available: Final delivery of the season is the December Produce and Pantry Box from Spring Creek Produce, which will include storage produce (likely squashes, cabbage, and root vegetables), along with pantry items (such likely items as popcorn, fresh-milled pastry flour, pickles).  Maple syrup is also available, and may be ordered separately.     

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